Sunday, September 30, 2007


Noah explained to me that this is how his classmates are saying, "Wow." All I can say

I Love This Face.

Marshmallow Launcher.

I thought I would quick share with you what Jackson has been working on all weekend. For extra credit in their levers and pulleys unit, he made a launcher out of a ruler, rubber band, legos, and pieces from an erector set. They get to launch marshmallows at school for his classmates. He did not get his mom's brains. Thank Goodness.

Super Thumb To The Rescue!!!

I've decided that my nephew, Will, has the most amazing imagination of any kid I know. We ran into them and Mom and Don at Panchero's for lunch today, what a great surprise it was. The Brown's had ordered some blue corn torilla chips to go with their lunch which, in turn, led to...without further ado (drumroll, please)......
"It's a bird!!!
It's a plane!!!
No! It's Super Thumb!!
Stronger than a gang of quesadillas...
Able to leap a steak burrito in a single bound...
He's Super Thumb....TA-DA!!
On the next episode of Super Thumb....Super Thumb wrestles Super Hand Lincoln (check out the chip beard which he so carefully nibbled into shape) out of a vat of toxic cheese queso!!!
I love you, Will. Keep up the good ideas!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Day In The Life Of Laura.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Girls In Green.

Iowa Homecoming Parade 2007. Go Hawks!

The cutest little Hawkeye ever.

Lily Margaret got lots of Hawk beads. (And Grandma is happy...)
Anxiously awaiting candy.
We saw the classic alumni band. There was even a trombone player being pushed in a wheelchair. He was cute and having a blast.

The big cow.
The bagpipe gang. Lily plugged her ears!
And then, of course, we had a generous amount of intoxicated frat guys in bedsheets, as I like to describe them.
This one's for you, Em. Ha, ha. (Mom told me to say that!)

Ferris Bueller made an appearance. This was by far my favorite float. He was doing his "danke schon" lip sync, and all the german ladies were played by very large, well-endowed, hairy men. HILARIOUS!
Iowa Cheerleaders.
The Golden Girl.
The Hawkeye semi once again closed out the parade. CHEER FOR THE HAWKS TOMORROW...THEY NEED IT!!!!

Friday Night Lights.

This is the view out the back of our house on Friday nights. Its quite an exciting atmosphere in out neighborhood on game nights. You can hear the cheering and the band, and can usually figure out if West High is winning or losing right from the comfort of our own home!
This is how bright the master bedroom is on Friday nights! Such a romantic atmosphere...great mood lighting. Ha, Ha.

The McCarragher Family.

I just found these in a box in my basement that hasn't been unpacked yet. They tickled me all over again! I just had a good laugh as I looked at these and thought I would share them with you all. About a year ago I handed out paper and pencils and set out a big mirror and told everyone to draw a picture of themselves. I framed these and had them on the wall at our other house. I need to find a special spot for them. FYI: Lily DID have help with hers! I think my favorite parts are Joe's egghead and Noah's eyebrows!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Super Duper Football Boy.

Flag football has been one of those 'life defining' moments for Noah. You are all familiar by now with his widely used statement, "I've been waiting my whole entire life for ________." Today, it was, "I've been waiting my whole entire life to wear a mouthguard!"

Noah (below) doing some "blocking". Poor little blue #5... go cry to your mommy...because THE MAC TRUCK IS COMIN' THROUGH!!! MAC'S GONNA PUT YOU ON YOUR BACK!!! YEAH, BABY!!!! WHOOOO, WHOOOO!

Well, excuse me, I'm so very sorry, readers, I'm not sure what came over me just then. Goodness gracious, pardon my behavior!
Go #3!
Does there seem to be a slight size disadvantage here, or is it my imagination?
We had fun today, watching the game. Not sure who won, in fact I don't think Noah even got touched the ball today, but there's was lots of running and jumping and we came home with a smelly, sweaty, happy, boy. I think it was a sucess!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sore Loser.

My husband is a very disgruntled Hawkeye fan this year. I was trying to capture one of his temper tantrums on my camera, but he's so darn quick as he's jumping around the living room. It's just all arms and legs everywhere. As you can see I did catch an elbow and a knee. It is my goal in life to capture this phenomena of the adult temper tantrum on film so that I can post it on my blog. I will keep you all updated. There are still many games left. Until then, please enjoy the still shots below.

"The silent prayer"
"The pity party"
" The 'I can't believe I'm still watching this.' "
"The 'I give up.' "
"The stress-induced headache/I need a beer."
The End. (It wasn't pretty.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Lily For A Walk On A Warm Day.

These are some of my favorites from our walk today. I'm a little biased, but I think she's precious.

What color orange are you?

I took a survey this morning to find out what color orange I am. How could I possibly resist? Orange is right up there, yet still below, green. You can take the survey here at http:/
I discovered that I am an apricot. I don't particularly like apricots, but they are a cool color. This is what it said: You are an apricot. Soft and sweet, over time you let your provocative nature shine through. You are definitely unconventional, but you don't broadcast it. You offer people a fresh perspective on life-so fresh, that it can be shocking!
What do you think, is that me?????

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Husband Is A Big Dork.

My husband loves it when his sister-in-law wears her belts in a 'non-traditional' way. He loves to bug her by doing this. She can definitely pull of 'the look'. Joe- I think you're falling a bit short. His goal in life is to "make up for all the years she grew up without a brother." You can tell what she thinks of that by the look on her face.

Anniversary Weekend.

We had a great weekend celebrating my grandparents 6oth anniversary. It has been a LONG time since everyone has been together. It was a lot of fun.

My granpa used to feed us circus peanuts nonstop when we came to visit, so I whipped up this snack mix. I could stomach one of them (blech) but that was about it. There WERE certain family members that went to town on them!
Lily and the cousins she followed around all day, "Macey and Mannie (Maddie)"