Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lily And Her Cookies.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Character Sketch of My Dad
by Jackson Mc.

If you have ever met me dad you would know that he is fun to be around. In fact, it seems that the atmosphere around him is very cheerful and makes people want to laugh.

My dad is a very complicated weaving of threads. There is one side that is happy and joyful that is always ready to tell a funny comment or joke. The other side is serious and ready to get something done.

My dad has a deep black shade of hair that is usually cut short. He has brown eyes that black rimmed glasses expose.

My dad is always there for me. Some of my favorite moments with him are going to baseball games, working and washing the cars, and hanging up Christmas lights.

My dad can sometimes be annoying and just plain weird, but I will always look up to him as a great dad.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noah had his first overnight last night. I was a little emotional. I lay in bed last night and asked Joe if he thought he was OK and if he thought Noah was asleep yet. (sniff, sniff.) He had a good time. Played lots of Dance Dance Resolution (as he calls it) had 4 brownies before bed, got to sleep in a pull-out trundle bed, and talked to his friend for a long time after the lights were out until he heard snoring and realized he was talking to himself. Good times.

I LOVE the fact that I came home tonight and played my answering machine to find a certain sister who shall remain nameless (and older than me) had left me this message on my machine..."NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK....QUICK...CHANNEL 9...ARE YOU HOME?" No hello. No good-bye. Just a frenzy of juvenile hormones. I love it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


About a month ago, I decided I was so sick of all the current music I had and needed to expand my horizons, if you will. I called the "expert" and asked my sister Emily to make me a CD of her favorite songs. Weeks later, I get a package in the mail with the above CDs. Apparently, she could only narrow it down to 10 CDs of her favorite songs. That's what you get when you ask a music freak. Don't get me wrong! I'll take it! And my other sister will be jealous! Maybe if she asks me nicely, I will let her check one out. But only one at a time. And she has to give it back when I say so. Thanks, Em!

Art That Makes Me Smile!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My son got his first taste of 'storming the field' today. He's had a smile all day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Dad Would Have Loved This.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential Conversation.

Noah: "Mom, Obama won the election..."
Me: "Yeah, I know."
Noah: (stares at me for further reaction)
Me: "Well, I'm not going to agree with everything he does, but I WILL respect him, because he's the President of The United States.
Noah: "Yeah, plus I heard that if you do something bad, like say a bad word to him, he has the power to kick you out of Iowa"
Me: "Really."

School Pictures.

Lily is thinking....
1.) The man behind the camera has a stuffed duck on his head. Does he really think that's going to make me smile?
2.) My mom gave me crooked ponytails on picture day...I have no reason to smile.
3.) I know! I'll paste this look on my face and use it for 6 different poses. Won't that make my mom happy?
4.) All of the above.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up If I Tried.

If you are easily offended or have a phobia for body hair, you'll want to go ahead and skip this post....

Halloween day, the temperature turned out to be at least 70 degrees. I managed to mistakenly put Noah in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt. In the afternoon, they had PE which they spent playing soccer, then they came in immediately and put on their costumes OVER their clothes and stuffed the room with kids in costumes and about a dozen and a half parents. AND they had their heat programmed to kick on every 5 minutes. Needless to say, as soon as Noah got home from school he began shedding his costume and clothes, down to his undies. He stayed like that a while to get cooled off and I noticed when he lifted his arms that his black t-shirt had left a bunch of fuzz in his armpits and in the crooks of his elbows. I laughed and told Noah to go look in the mirror and look under his arm. He was gone a few seconds then I heard, "YES!!! WOO-HOO!" I came into the bathroom and he was doing a fist pump. He looked at me and said, "Finally! I finally got some armpit hair!!!"
This tells me three things about Noah.
1. He regularly checks for incoming armpit hair.
2. He's really excited about getting armpit hair.
3. He wasn't shocked that his "armpit hair" was black, despite his blond hair.
He honestly makes every day of mine an adventure.