Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day At The Zoo.

Donut-ty goodness.

Lily got to enjoy a donut for breakfast this morning (No, it wasn't anyone's birthday...just because!) I should say she 'thoroughly' enjoyed her breakfast. Lots of sticky gooey enjoyment.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Design Dilemna Of A Frightening Sort.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my cross collection. I just got them all hung up yesterday. I have so many that I split them into two groups, one at the top of the stairs and one on the landing halfway up the stairs. Well, it turns out, the only outlet in the hallway is right under one of the groups. We really need a nightlight there in case the kiddos get up in the middle of the night. So, when the lights go out it goes from nice friendly group of crosses to a scary hellish nightmare. It doesn't help that we have a blue nightlight, but I don't think a different color would make much of a difference.
Parents, shield your children's eyes from this next picture. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it really scares me. I don't even like looking at the picture! This just doesn't convey the loving grace of my Lord, Jesus Christ! Scary, Scary, Scary! Maybe, it would scare the children into staying in their beds all night???!!?? Something must be done....any ideas?

Last Game of T-Ball. (sniff, sniff.)

You know it's been a good game when your pants got dirty!
In Noah's league they go through the batting line-up and then switch to outfield, usually playing 2 innings. No outs, no strikes, everyone's a winner, etc. After Noah's second time (and presumably last time) batting, he goes into the outfield and starts crying. Joe asks him what's wrong and he says, " That was my last time batting EVER, and I forgot to slide!" Well, there are definitely perks to having your dad as the T-Ball coach because he casually suggests to the other team, "Hey, let's play another inning since it's the last game." Noah got in his slide, as you can see from above and he was the happiest ball player there ever was. The End.

National Green Day.

I propose today is National Celebrate Green Day. How do you make an official proposal of that sort? I'm not sure. Today I'm feeling very green. Not green with envy...just happy green. It all started in my closet this morning. While standing there, assessing the situation....crap, crap, crap, nothing but crap. My eyes strayed over to the hair accessories and BAM, there it was. My green birthday headband from Emily. Yes. The green shirt and necklace were just the natural choice, of course.

Then, started working on a baby present for a certain someone. (Sorry, Jill, someone else.) More green.
Went to Goodwill...found great mirror...$3.38....painted it...green. I'm hoping my love of green is still a healthy obsession. If not, let me know.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boy And Their Toys.

If you can't figure out what's going on here, there is a zip line going from our upstairs balcony to the fireplace in the living room. This lucky rescue heroes guy is having the ride of his life. It's a little like doing the limbo to walk through the living room, but they're having great fun. Thanks, Dad! (I've always said he's my biggest kid!)

He's Just A Little Guy.

We had a BIG rain last night. When Joe took Cookie out last night this little guy was in the driveway. So, he spent the night in the recycling bin. When the kids got up, you would have thought it was Christmas! They were stoked. Lily said, "Ew, who is that guy?" (which in fact, is one of her first complete sentences!) It is supposed to rain again tonight, so the boys are begging to stay up late in order to find a 'friend' for this little guy. We'll see.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Day Of Snickerdoodles.

The kids are waiting patiently at the window looking for Grandma's car. The boys are spending the afternoon at Grandma Mimi's making her infamous snickerdoodles. I think they especially like the job of rolling the balls in the cinnamon and sugar. Ummmm. I can't wait. I hope they know the doors will be locked when they get back until they prove they have a tupperware container of cookies! Thanks grandma for a quiet afternoon at home for mom!

Goodwill Find.

I found this little sewing basket at Goodwill. I'm so excited. My mom had this same little basket when I was little (except it was yellow and orange patterned). She used to keep her sewing things in here. I remember as a little girl lifting the lid and looking at all the treasures inside, the pins and buttons, threads and needles. I think I also remember wearing the pom pom lid as a hat. So, I didn't waste any time moving my sewing bits from a boring rubbermaid container into this 'beauty'. It's quite kitschy, but brings good memories all for the low low price of $1.38.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sweet Boy.

Noah came downstairs today dressed in orange shorts and a green shirt. He must have read the look on my face because before any words could come out of my mouth he said, "I know I don't match today...but I'm still a nice boy." He recieved a big hug and kiss from his mother. It was one of the moments that I think to myself, 'how else can I ruin my children?' By the way, he wore the heck out of his green and orange ensemble ALL day long and he looked great!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lily And Her "Bupper" (sucker).

How To Post A Comment.

Ok. This is for all of you who are too scared to ask how to post a comment on my blog. I know there is several out there, but I will leave you anonymous!
1. click on comments under the blog entry you want to leave a comment about.
2. Type your comment in the big box on the right hand side.
3. Click the 'other' box.
4. Type your first name in the name box
5. Click on 'publish comment'

See? That wasn't so hard!


Thanks, Angie, for a wonderful day of girl shopping yesterday.I woke with a happy feeling this morning. It's amazing what a day away from the chaos of home can do for your attitude. I'm jumping back in with 2 feet this morning! We did some major damage in the CR, IC area. I must say we found some gooooood deals. It was so much fun. And I ended the evening with a bang with my bible study girls. I love them.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Big Bad Biker Noah.

Today was the magic day that it all clicked. Our neighbor, Deb, came over to congratulate him and mentioned to him that her kids were still using their training wheels. He said, "Maybe I can give them some pointers." He is now a self proclaimed expert on the subject after 5 whole minutes. There's no stopping him now!

Sweet Lily.


All day today, Noah has been using the word touche. I have no idea where it came from or where he heard it, but he has been working it into EVERY conversation. Jackson has just about had it. I'm getting, "Mom, please tell him to stop!" I asked him if he knew what that word meant and he said "yeah." So, I want to know what he thinks it means. I got, "you know...touche...it means touche."' I have to admit, it is kind of fun to say. I just hope they don't ask ME what it means because I'm not sure I know.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I know all you women that read my blog will be relieved to know that 'manland' is now completed and in it's finished state after a whole day's work AND....hold in your excitement ladies...both cars now fit in our garage. There was great rejoicing, singing, dancing, etc.... It is a strange phenomenon with men and this subject of garages and work areas. My husband is very quick to tell his buddies, neighbors, coworkers, this great feat he has accomplished and it is met with congratulatory responses and slaps on the back. There is a great peace and understanding among men and their garages that I am just not a part of. Not sure I wanna be. I just let him go with it. I did feel the urge to draw the line at purchasing a mini-fridge which would inevitably be stocked with 'the sauce' as Joe lovingly refers to his Mt. Dew. I'm such a mean wife.

It's Not ALL Green.

I'm feeling as though I need to explain to everyone that I do indeed like other colors besides green. Like blue. I like blue too. An intervention is not needed.

Little Fish.

Tonight, we beat the heat by spending the evening at the pool. Little Lily is getting braver and braver in the water, so we decided to try and get her to blow bubbles in the pool. She was doing great practicing the blowing part (out of the water). We told her it was like blowing out her birthday candles and so she got that right away. So, when it came time to put her face in the water, she forgot all instructions. Each time she came up and said, "MMM...good dwink water!" After repeating this several times with the same results, we got too grossed out and quit. She gave it a good try though, I'll give her that!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Big McCarragher.

Noah is excited by my finished product. He says it will help him remember how to spell his name.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Word Scramble.

Here is a picture of my next home deco project. Can anyone guess what it spells??? It's a tough one :) I'll post a picture of the final product when it's done. How many of you are thinking she should be doing the dirty laundry in the background instead of deco projects??? Me.

Name That Cheese.

A few days ago, the kids and I had to run an errand to Kalona, Iowa, home of the infamous Kalona Cheese House. I couldn't just drive by and not stop. My kids had never been there and thought they would enjoy looking in the little glass windows and watch the cheese being made. I can definitely say it has not changed a bit since I was last there 10+ years ago. I excitedly bought a bag of cheese curds which we used to get all the time growing up. The kids are going to love it!
Jackson's response: "It tastes like old tire."
Noah's response: (would not try it because his brother said it tasted like tire.)

Lily's response: blew rasberries until the miniscule piece of cheese I gave her flew out.
0 for 3 means more for me!!!!!!

4th Of July Parade.

This is of course the highlight of the parade for the kids. An obnoxious amount of loot this year.

The highlight of the parade this year for me was my husband and the Chili's float. Chili's is in the parade every year and as well as throwing out the usual candy, they pass out coupons for free kids meals to parents. Now you must understand how important free kids meals are to my husband. VERY IMPORTANT. So important that he thought nothing of standing up and screaming "COUPONS! COUPONS! HAVE MERCY ON ME, I HAVE 3 KIDS!!!!" at the top of his lungs in front of 10,000 of our fellow Iowa Citians. I kid you not. A very friendly Chili's employee jumped out of the back of the truck she was riding in and hand delivered a hefty stack of coupons to my very happy husband. She must of been impressed with his enthusiasm. My husband then proceeded to count out his coupons with his signature 'money countin' swagger' as I so like to call it. Most of you have probably seen this at one time or another. He did divvy them up eventually. He makes me laugh.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Playhouse!

This is the playhouse my grandpa built for my cousins. They have since outgrown it and Lily has inherited it. We thought maybe it needed a little sprucing up so......out with the old.....

and in with the new!!! Thanks grandma Connie!!

4th Fun (on the 3rd!)

Lily was thrilled to be in control of her very own orange popsicle.
This is a lovely mixture of orange popsicle and various other ice cream treats she snitched off of other family members.
Here is the life of the party right here, folks. She's an animal!!!
Party poppers. Joe's got lots of streamers to pick up in his yard tomorrow. Ha, Ha.

William Parker.
A rare photo of a wild species known to run from cameras shouting, "Run from the blog, Run for your life" I caught him this time. HA!
Sweet Noah.
Not too sure. She just wanted to grab the pretty light. Maybe next year.

Happy Fourth, everyone!!!! God Bless the USA!!!!