Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She Has An Endearing Moment About, Oh, Once Every 6 Months.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Lily For Lily.

The other day we stopped by my Mom's and Grandpa Don cut a lily out of his garden, gave it to Lily and said, "This Lily is almost as pretty as you!" It made her day. So sweet. She's very proud of it.

Day 5 of Colorado trip.

Here, Noah is doing a demonstration of how cold mountain streams are...
We found a spot, thanks to friends, where we could feed these guys right out of our hands. It was WAY cool and definitely one of our kids highlights of the trip. Noah at one point was laying on his back with one eating off his belly

Jackson had a record 12 eating from his hand at one time. He also had one run up his arm and jump off his shoulder. That's kind of creepy, actually...

Lily talked to them in a very high-pitched baby voice. All we could decipher was, "Hi, there, little guy!"

We went on a train ride through the mountains. This guy was our ticket puncher. Cool job, if you ask me...

This is the highest we went. The air was quite thin...lots of heavy breathing going on! Very beautiful.

Here's Noah in his daily meditation...just kidding. He's our clown. He pulls out this pose whenever the urge comes over him...the grocery store...the bottom of the swimming pool... Noah also fell off the mountainside...just kidding again. Here's s little tiny snowman we came across. He was cute.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Proof We Are Destroying Our Children One 80's Song At A Time...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I just witnessed the 3rd...YES, 3rd, time this week that Noah has just fallen out of his chair. No one is by him, he's just sitting at the table painting by himself and I hear a loud crash and he's flat on the floor. How does this happen to this child??? I'm starting to wonder if he has an imbalance of some sort. He said he was trying to lean on his elbow in a 'different way'. Why? These are the questions a mother asks.

Day 4 (The Royal Gorge.)

Did you know there are huge amounts of hummingbirds at the bottom of the Gorge? They swooped at me.
Much needed ice was HOT.

I had forgotten how much it swayed and moved. Especially when a car drives past you. I actually had a WWIJD moment (What would Indiana Jones Do?).

This was the very steep tram we took to the bottom. This is Lily's life altering "Rocky, the pony" moment. She now wants her very own pony, has dreams about ponies, etc. If you ask her about her vacation, this is what she will tell you about. Rocky is giving us a major stink-eye in this pic. Here is a picture of the nauseating crack between the floorboards.Here is a shout out to Aunt Emily...Here is a shout out to all our Iowa Hawkeyes! ...and here is a very unsportsman-like shout out from a very annoying traitors!Lets end on a good note. Ahhh...beautiful!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3. (Museum, big fat cupcakes,sweet friends, and a beautiful sunset.)

Day 2. (Swimming, Zoo, and Casa's worst food, but highly entertaining.)

Vacation Day 1. (12 Hours in the car...enough said.)