Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Kids.

We have some Hawkeye football players that live across the street from us. You can see, they're really just a bunch of boys. I snuck to the window and covertly snapped this picture of them making this huge snowman. It's a good 15 feet tall. They are a source of constant amusement to us and we spy on them all the time. I won't get into all their shenanigans, but they're hilarious.

Poor Wittle Baby.

Joe came home from work all sad because he got a "boo-boo" at work. He showed it to me and I said, "What did you do?" He said he hurt his finger on a three ring binder. There was about a 3 second silence before we all burst out laughing. He was mocked. Badly. He quickly changed his story to involve a forklift delivering the binder to him or something to that effect. (That's for you, Don!).

What A Deal!

I've been looking for the perfect accessory to go in this little niche. I found this on the 80% off rack at Hobby Lobby. It's amazing how life-like it is. I haven't decided if it's a keeper. I still have my receipt.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Ballerina Girl.

Several weeks ago, Lily and I caught the tail end of a production of The Nutcracker on PBS one night. We danced and danced around the room. Good thing no one else was there! She's talked of it ever since. So when I saw this at Target for $5, I couldn't resist.

Speaking of resistance, this is what I came up against when I was ready to put in the DVD.
There was some kicking, screaming, but I finally got them both wrestled to the ground. A mom's got to do what a mom's got to do. Then I realize this whole time Lily has mysteriously disappeared....
Oh, there she is....she was just gettig herself ready.

Pay no attention the boy sitting attentively behind his sister. He was NOT there. He did NOT watch it. He did NOT enjoy it. It's a figment of your imagination.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Kids.

With a last name like ours, the poor kids really have to work on learning to spell it correctly. Noah has finally mastered it and has decided that Lily needs to know it as well. Never mind that she doesn't know how to spell "Lily". We're going right for the hardstuff. So, when you ask her how to spell her last name, she says, "C-C-C-R-R-R". She's getting there...I'll give her a few more years.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Starting To Get Fussy.

Mothers are mourning and gnashing their teeth in misery all across this forsaken city. 5 consecutive days off is just...too much. I think we're supposed to get some more snow tonight. Reading my friends blog today, she posted how her daughters are still singing their Christmas songs. Just yesterday, Lily was belting out a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells". Poor thing can't think of anything else to sing but songs about dashing through the snow. When I asked her to pick out a book to read today she came back with a little book about Noah's Ark and she said, "I pick Santa's Boat." I think it was the beard. And the 5 feet of snow outside. And the frgid temperature. Spring, I beg you. Please. We need you. Badly.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Guess That Mess.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for our favorite blog game...Guess That Mess!! This one stars a very "sweet" Lily Margaret. Can you guess what that wonderful goo is?

It's chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven!!!....guaranteed to ooze and gooze everywhere. And it looks like she's saving a little "bit" for later. Good move, Lily! Thanks for playing Guess That Mess!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bad Dream.

Lily had her first bad dream last night that she was able to tell me about. She said there was a "spider in her diaper" and it was "scary". That would be scary!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl In Tu-tu.

Hope this brings a smile to your face, like it does mine!

Happy Valentine's Day.

God has blessed me with so many people to love. Happy Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stinker-ette, Part 2.

Tonight, for supper, I made home-made waffles. I was, of course, the last to get to eat, because I trust no one else with my waffle iron. I made up my waffle with some strawberries and whipped cream. You really should have seen it. It was a thing of beauty. I walk to the table to sit down. As I'm ready to dig in I feel eyes staring at me. I sneak a peek and Lily has her eyes as big as saucers glued to my plate, mouth hung open in astonishment. Her father had fixed her waffle the plain old-fashioned boring way...just syrup. After probably a good 2 minutes of looking back and forth between my plate and my mouth, I hear a little voice. "Mommy? Whatcha doin'? " She knows a good thing when she sees it. Mom had to say good-bye to her beautiful waffle.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Gift.

Tonight, as we were eating a bedtime snack, Lily looked at me and giggled and said, " 'member grandpa Bill?" My arms get all goosepimply.
I said, " you remember grandpa Bill?" (For those of you that don't know, my dad, Bill, passed away 10 years ago.)
Lily says, " grandpa Bill picked me up and went 'round and 'round and 'round and I go "wheeee!".
I respond by saying, " You mean, Grandpa Don?" thinking maybe she's gotten things confused.
"No, Grandpa Bill." she says. So, I yell for Joe and ask her to tell her daddy what she told me and he gets the same story. We hadn't been talking about him. Nothing. She really doesn't have much background history about him, as she's only 2, for heaven's sake. Literally, this was out of the blue. Joe and I just look at each other and say, "wierd."
Then, I get on the computer tonight and click on my sister, Emily's blog, and goosepimples galore again. You can get to her blog by clicking on her name to the right.
God continues to reveal to me that our lives here on Earth are miniscule to the big picture going on in Eternity. What a blessing He's given me tonight to let me know He knows my heart inside and out. I'm reminded of how awesomely big He is and, despite myself, He still loves little ol' me.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Tonight, we were talking and I said something to the effect of "You're just like Mommy, aren't you?!?"
Lily replied, "yep, just like grandma!"
I said, "No, just like mommy..."
Lily stubbornly says, "No! Just like Grandma. Grandma told me that."

Congratulations, Jackson!

Jackson's artwork was selected by his art teacher to be in the Iowa State Bank Art Show at Hancher Auditorium. Only a few kids from his school were chosen, so we were very proud of him. His artwork was a storyboard project. It was a black painted board that he used a special tool to scratch away the paint to make his picture.

A rare moment is captured! A photograph taken of a handsome boy with no bribes or threats involved! Good job, Jackson. We're proud of you.

At Last....(Sorry, this is anti-climactic.)

I know you have all been on pins and needles to hear my review of the newest, latest, must-see musical of the year, "The Foolish Molar: a musical on oral hygiene". Here it is at last. I'm going to apologize now.
1.) I was seated half a gym away from the stage.
2.) There was a lady with REALLY big hair sitting right in front of me.
3.) She was trying to see her kid with equal enthusiasm as myself, so I was bobbing my head constantly trying to anticipate her head direction.
4.) I was wrestling a two year old in really tight quarters.
5.) On the way into the gym, I leaned against the lightswitch and turned off the lights to the gym. "Lucky" for me, they were the kind that have to cool off before they can turn back when the music teacher announced in her microphone what "someone" had done, I looked around innocently like everyone else. ( Think Christmas Story, "Does anyone know where Flick is?") The moral to this sad, sad story is all my pictures are dark.
6.) I took a really great video of the candy army singing their song, and picking off pieces of themselves and sticking it on the foolish molar, but for some reason my computer won't download it.
So, therefore, this is what you get....
One picture of Noah as a very fine candycane. Delicious!

And Lily, who obviously was not paying any attention at all to the moral of this very fine musical, because she sat there and ate a package of smarties. Who is that girl's mother?!? Shameful!!

Game Day.

Here's a couple action shots from Noah's game today...what great form!! Now, if that behomoth on the other team would just get his big arms out of the way!! What are those parents feeding that kid???

He did much more dribbling this week! It was only a ratio of about 3 steps for every dribble...When is this going to be over?

Friday, February 8, 2008

We Got Snow.

Snowy trees...
Snowy house...
Snowy birdfeeder...

Snowy kid building snowy fort...

Snowy kid with snowy shovel...
Snowy dog...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Crazy Noah

Lovely Lily.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Speaking Of Overrated...Dribbling.

I would like to expand on my monologue of unnecessity (see "Down With The Silent E!") and add to that the act of dribbling. The boy wants to shoot the ball! Cmon, people! I mean, sometimes you can only do one thing at a time. Give the guy a break. Geesh.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Big Sis.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. She's very special to me. Here's why...
1. she's one of my best friends.
2. I can ask her anything. No topic is off-limits.
3. she's got a funky style...I mean, just look at her.
4. she's artistic beyond belief.
5. She's crazygood with a paintbrush.
6. She doesn't conform.
7. She keeps secrets.
8. she's not afraid to say "I'm sorry".
9. she's an awesome mom.
10. she loves her kids to pieces.
11. she encourages her kids to be themselves.
12. she's passed on her creativeness to her kids.
13. she's funny. Really funny. Her sense of humor is vast. She makes me laugh. A lot.
14. she doesn't hold back. The girl tells it like is is.
15. she makes really good funny faces.
16. she likes to use big important words.
17. she always gives you the "long version" of her stories.
18. she likes funky socks.
19. she likes a good bargain..or maybe she's CHEAP. (but she's proud of that!)
20. she makes lot of interesting noises early in the morning and late at night. (sorry 'bout that one.)
21. she's an adult woman whose favorite cereal is coco marshmallow mateys.
22. she's the closest thing I've got to a "twin".
23. she's my crazy bed partner for overnight art shows.
24. she can be VERY silly. And it's all natural, baby.
25. she makes a very high pitched trill that she pulls out on special occassions, like when she's cold, etc.
26. she's an awesome cook. I can't narrow it down...chicken enchiladas?
27. she's very giving...if you've had a baby or a surgery in the last several years, you've probably gotten a meal from her, or your kids watched, etc. etc.
28. she can sing entire songs using the words, "du, du, du"
29. She likes to blog, and can't post a video that's shorter than 5 minutes (that's from Joe.)
30. We can basically communicate with each other using only facial expressions. Usually behind mom's back!! Ha!
31. Jackson will be taller than her by the end of the summer.
32. she has the most beautiful hands.
33. she loves to read as much as I do.
There are many more reasons, but I think this year, "33" is a "special number", so, I'll stop there. I don't know why, because she looks fabulous for 29!! Happy Birthday, Jill. I love you so very much.