Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Are So Special.

Dang. Your 'other' sister beat me to it! Here's my list:
1. You have such a cool relationship with your nephews and niece. And they think the world of you.
2. You have the wildest craziest hair. The Skunk Hair was the best!
3. You have the most beautiful green eyes.
4. You've lived with us twice and we're still on speaking terms, even though you've seen the good bad and ugly.
5. You always help people.
6. You see God's hand in everything.
7. You layer exceptionally well. So well, that you are mocked by my husband.
8. You live in hot muggy nasty weather and you love it! Maybe you're adopted??? ha,ha.
9. You always brought me washcloths when I was sick with babies. And you helped me throw up after anesthesia. Why, oh why, does my love for you involve vomit?!?!
10. You were the first to feel Jackson "kick". Do you remember that night?!?
11. You have incredible talents, yet you are so humble about them.
12. You build others up.
13. I've been in two physical fights (in childhood, folks) with you that involved broken windows, and we're alive to tell about it!
14. You have dad's freckles.
15. You have a love of snuggling (which I do not have...but now that you're a gazillion miles away will let you indulge in once in a while) and when you come home you always think you're going to 'sleep in the middle'.
16. You've had your heart broken many times, but are not afraid to love.
17. You are super silly.
18. You do an awesome dance with twizzlers, have great show choir moves, and superb jazz hands.
19. You have a love, no...a NEED for chocolate.
20. You do crazy things I wish I had the nerve to do.
21. You want to get a tattoo of a lily.
22. You say "like" at least twice a sentence.
23. You snort when you laugh.
24. You pee when you laugh. (You laugh a lot.)
25. When you're home, you revert back to your child behaviour. i.e. in the kitchen, lack of doing anything useful, sucking up to mom, etc. (hee,hee.)
26. You're smart, talented and beautiful.
27. You are so much more than you believe yourself to be.

Happy 27th birthday, Em. We love you. It still feels lonely to have my party by myself! Maybe next year!


emily said...

I love it. Thanks babe! several of those made me laugh really hard!! That was great! Love you!