Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Toady, Jr.

We found this big guy in the middle of the street. We cause quite a ruckus as we saw him about 8:00 tonight, when lots of our neighbor kids are going to bed. Jackson was trying to catch him in a bucket. He was all over the place, laughing hysterically. Noah is jumping up and down, yelling. I'm screaming, "GET HIM, JACKSON! GET HIM!" Lily is caught up in all the excitement even though she doesn't even know what's going on. One neighbor kid who was supposed to be in bed opened his blinds and yelled, "Hey, what are you guys doing down there?!?" We booked it home and found a tub to put him in. We then had to go get some creek water and a rock. Finally, we're settled down for the night. They are so excited to play with him tomorrow. We made a deal that he goes back in the creek tomorrow night. As we were going inside, Lily bent down and said, "I love you, doggie!" Her brothers thought that was pretty funny. Noah was trying to convince her to kiss it so it would turn into a prince. Brothers are trouble!